Now What: On-campus vs. Off-campus jobs

Being a college student includes school, a social life, teachers, becoming an adult and an even more pressing issue-working. It can be extremely difficult finding a job as a student and financial stress just adds even more pressure to an already huge schedule. However, for many students they have to work while in school. The options are on or off campus jobs and believe it or not they are out there!

On-campus jobs entail becoming a student worker and working in multiple departments on campus. Each department employs student workers. Most are funded through the government and are what is known as work study. This means that through the student’s FAFSA they qualify for the government to pay most or all of their pay. Many offices on campus require work study positions. How can you make sure you qualify? You can contact the Financial Aid office and ask. If you do not qualify there is a request form available in Financial Aid that can be processed and can help you obtain work study funding. There are also some departments that allow for student hire which means that the department pays for the student worker. Typically, this means that an outside company is working on campus and has the ability to pay. These departments include the Bookstore and Sodexo.

On-campus jobs also work around a student’s schedule and are very considerate of a student’s time and school. Many students work a few hours a day and are able to go to class either before or after work. Departments hire multiple student workers at one time so that duties are done but still keep student success at the forefront.

Off-campus jobs are when a student works at a business that is not connected to ENMU. These include local business and restaurants. This also entails working in Clovis at some locations. These employers might require a schedule of classes so that students do not miss class. They also try to be flexible-this is a college town, they know you are college students! One main difference of on and off-campus jobs is that off-campus jobs may allow for students to work more hours.

If you are looking for a job, on or off campus, you can check out our online job board at We receive multiple job descriptions from departments and employers weekly and we post them directly to the website. The board changes frequently so keep checking!

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