Homecoming Bonfire

Homecoming Bonfire photo credit: Ryan Galloway

In a tradition that is nearly as patriotic as red, white, and blue, homecoming season has come around once again. Here on campus there were many ways to have fun with friends and hang out before the game on Saturday. With the theme this year being the “Fabulous 50’s” there were some greatly themed activities such as movies on the lawn and such. One activity in particular, however, is a mainstay of the homecoming tradition, the bonfire.

What many claim as one of their favorite parts of the festivities, the bonfire symbolizes many things. It is an opening celebration for the game and is a chance for college students to come together and prepare for the weekend. As a massive fire has come to represent the destruction of the other team, it is a place for great school spirit, as was seen this past weekend.

Saturday night, you could hear the beating of the drums before all else. As a parade of green and silver made it’s way cross campus, it was a hard to miss sight. The horn sections blaring pop songs syncing to the march of the crowd, making it’s way to the arena, where the pile of pallets and scrap wood waited to be set on ablaze. The crowd was made up of the Greyhound Sound, the Cheer and Dance team, and a group of excited students, alumni and community members.

As everyone was congregating at the stadium, the excitement for the coming events was audible. The night was soon lit up by the burn of the pile of wood that lay behind the group. There were many things to anticipate. The night would see the announcement of the Homecoming King and Queen. With all of them were lined up, the crowd’s attention was pulled from the fire to crown Rey Coss and Doreen Chavez.

It was a loud night, brimming with excitement for Saturday’s game. The bonfire, what has been seen as the initiation of the annual events, lived up to it’s expectations. Students watched as the bonfire slowly came to life. Along with the beats of the percussion, there was another rhythmic beat lying behind the roar of the crowd. There was an old car present, for students to beat with a bat, to display the spirit and aggression that would be shown in the next day’s game.

With the event reaching a crux, to finish off the night, there was a firework show. As the night lit up and the bonfire slowly burned down, to a soundtrack provided by the band, all eyes turned to the sky. As the cheerleaders and the dance team came together to cheer the Homecoming King and Queen, the beginning of the weekend was marked. It started with a great show of school spirit. So as the Greyhounds football team faced the Texas A&M Kingsville the crowd showed the same excitement and unity as was displayed the night of the bonfire. Though the weather may have been unforgiving the Greyhounds showed up in force.

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