Homecoming Pageant

The Homecoming Pageant held last Thursday, set up the spirit for the weekend, as Homecoming King and Queen hopefuls lined up, they had fun, getting their classmates ready for the coming festivities. Laughter echoed through the room as the master’s of ceremony Dr. Bob Schaller and Trish Maguire, set up the crowd for what would be a wonderful show. As the curtains opened, the candidates, who had spent the preceding weeks admirably campaigning in the Campus Union Building, came out to a great applause from fellow supporters and friends. After a quick round of introductions, came a performance from the 1st place winners of Songfest, Kappa Sigma, and showing off a routine reminiscent of the 50’s, a theme woven throughout this homecoming’s celebrations. With white shirts and an act beginning with a recreation of the “Grease Lightning” scene from 1978’s Grease, this set an ongoing theme for the pageant and the following weekend. As the routine wrapped up, it was time for the fashion section of the show. After a brief pause the candidate’s dressed in their 50’s best came out and strutted down the runway, striking poses as they reached the end. In a flurry of poodle skirts, leather jackets, and bow ties, the crowd was applauding and cheering.

The show continued with the talent portion as Caleb Baca and Asia Kelly came out and performed a cheer routine. There were many different talents displayed, from parlor tricks to comedy routines. Doreen Chavez and Rey made the crowd erupt in laughter as they came out dressed as an old married couple, an act that ended with a pie in the face. There was a speed painting display from Nallely Salas, and many students displayed their singing prowess such as Andrew McCay, Chyenne Martinez, Ed Alvarez, and Anissia Lucero who did her own homecoming version of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” rap. The dancers took the show, however with the majority of the candidates deciding to show their moves. Romy Greive and her crew danced and acted along with a scene from the movie “Mean Girls.” Ryan Harris performed an interpretive dance to the song “Elastic Heart” by Sia. Other dancers included Heather Kucinski, Kate Roberts, Rey Coss, and Kisha Rios.

Next was the formal wear section of the show, where the candidates came out dressed their best. A question section quickly followed, including questions such as why they believed they would make a good king or queen. The consistent answer that was given was that they wanted the opportunity to represent the university, marking a positive trend in this race. As Rey Coss put it in his response “when you come to university you must become something” a statement that speaks to this tradition and to this time in student’s lives. In a comment from emcee Dr. Bob Schaller, he shows this thoughtfulness in the way that he approached this responsibility.

Dr. Schaller stated, “Being the emcee was a lot of fun and a great honor. Events like these are the scrapbook-memories of the students' lives while they are at Eastern so I took great care to be properly prepared yet try and make it something fun people would enjoy.” This is a time of celebration, of the past and of the future, and with this game marking the last homecoming game at Blackwater Draw it is even more-so this year. It is not merely a mindfulness of history but a preparation for the future with the new stadium and the future students who will make their own history there. So, as the Homecoming pageant illustrated this past week, there is a lot to be proud of, in representing Eastern New Mexico University.

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