Homecoming Parade

Homecoming week has come to a close. This year we were taken back in time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the 1950's.

The end of homecoming week brought us to a packed weekend full of events. The Portales community was able to participate in showing school spirit as well as friendly competition. Homecoming serves as a way to bring together the local community as well as the university community. It also is a great time for alumni to come back and see all of the great things we are still doing at Eastern New Mexico University.

Community members, alumni, students, and faculty all gathered Saturday morning to enjoy Easter’s 81st homecoming parade. Local businesses, student organizations, University athletic teams, university sponsors and many more all participated in the parade as well. The parade route took place down South Avenue C, right onto 18th St.

Eastern New Mexico University's diverse student body was well represented at the parade. Students from a variety of different organizations on campus showed their school spirit, coming up with ways to incorporate the 1950s theme as well. Organizations spent many hours putting in effort and teamwork into making floats. Checkerboard, poodle skirts and milkshakes were all a crucial part of everybody's design this weekend.

"Great theme, it's something different and traditional. I wish we could do something like this every year."

Senior Andrea Perea a member of the Spanish club stated when asked how this year’s theme held up against the previous ones she had seen.

Members from the ENMU Spirit squad and softball team both spoke about Eastern great school spirit. They were looking forward to seeing it at the parade as well as the football game.

Many of the participants in the homecoming parade have been a part of the celebration for many years. For some though this year was the last. The Zia moms have been in the ENMU homecoming parade for nine years. This year they walked their last route. The Zia Moms are an organization with a mission to support all women athletics here at the university. They started years ago when they say the lack of support woman's sports were getting. Since the name change there will no longer be Zia Moms, but the woman who make up this incredible group plan to keep supporting the university in a different way.

An outstanding float that was displayed this weekend belonged to the CDIS-NSSLHA organization. These graduate students and faculty worked hard for 3 weeks putting together an amazing float that served as a tribute to Jack Williamson and his Sci-Fi books. They took his love for Sci-Fi and went back in time to display what Science fiction looked like in the 1950s.

The pride and love that the students have for Eastern New Mexico University overflows. As a university we can only hope to continue to see more support from our community and alumni. With this we can look forward to next year and give ourselves a round of applause for support and school spirit we showed this past weekend.

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