Now What? Picking a Major

I’ve picked a major-now what?

Picking a major can be one of the toughest decisions of your college career. It constructs your degree plan for the rest of your time in school. It also helps you decide on grad school in the future, if need be. So you’ve picked your major, that’s great! But if you’re like every other college student, you might be thinking what can I do with this, what classes do I take, if I’m an art major why do I have to take biology 101?

It’s important to look over your degree plans when picking a major and classes. As a freshman, you have to take general education credits-Biology, Math, English, etc. This count towards your overall degree and is needed to complete your degree plan. Most of the time you will only have to take a few general education credits and then you can dive right into the more intense major classes. These are the higher level classes in the 300 or 400 range. Degree plans are set up to help students complete certain classes first before taking the higher level courses. This allows for time to spread out the work as well as gain a more comprehensive perspective of classes. Looking at your degree plan and talking to your advisor can definitely give help you see what classes come next.

One question I constantly am asked as a Career Counselor is what can I do with this major? What jobs are out there? Each major can lead to a large job pool. Having a psychology degree can lead to different jobs such as working for an inpatient facility, private practice, or teaching at a university level. A degree in culinary arts can lead to a catering business, private chef, or restauranteur. It’s important to talk to your teachers about future job ideas because they have firsthand experience and can direct you to areas that you might not have thought of.

Another great resource is a website known as Buzzfile. Buzzfile lets you look at multiple majors and then lets you choose different states. Within the state of your choosing, you can see a list of employers for that specific major. For example, if you choose to a major like chemistry and then New Mexico, it will show you a large list of chemistry employers in the state of New Mexico. You can also sort them all by city so you can look at one large area at once. It not only gives you the names of employers but also contact information, website, geographical location and cost of living in that area. It is a great resource for graduating students and also students who are wanting to know what they can do with their major. Coming soon to the Counseling & Career Services website or you can check out a preview now at

As always, if you need any help with any career or major decisions, please contact my office at 575-562-2211 or come by the SAS building room 232.

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