What's so Great about Homecoming?

photo credit: Sarah Naverrette

Homecoming is a special day for the current students and alumni of ENMU. There are many events to celebrate homecoming. The most recognized event is the football game. It seems to me that the football game is the most attended event during homecoming. Since I am in the Greyhound Sound Marching Band, I get to see just how crowded the stands get during the homecoming game compared to regular games. It amazes me how many people show up to the homecoming game. It brings a new sense of excitement to perform for that many people. When I think of homecoming, the football game is the first thing that pops into my head.

I am not the only who thinks of the football game before anything else. Freshman, Catalina Arana said, “I’m excited to watch some football.” This will be her first homecoming game at ENMU, yet this is the first thing that she thinks is great about homecoming. It will be Ryan Provencio’s first homecoming at ENMU as well. He said homecoming is “a time for people to come together to cheer on their team and school.” Both Arana and Provencio provide a good baseline for what’s great about homecoming, however, there is more to homecoming than just the football game.

Taylor Wapaha, a sophomore, thinks that homecoming is a time to create memories. There is not one specific event that makes homecoming great in her eyes. She believes that the entirety of homecoming is what’s great. Wapaha provided a quote from poet Cesare Pavese that says, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” Homecoming is not just another day, it is a cluster of moments that will stick with her throughout her life because she spent the day creating memories, Wapaha said. She said that the memories we make are what makes homecoming great.

I would have to agree with Wapaha. Homecoming is more than just the events. As a junior, I know what homecoming is like at ENMU. I can vouch for Arana and Provencio when they say that the football game is what’s great about homecoming. I can vouch for Wapaha when she says that the memories are what’s great about homecoming. I can only vouch for myself when I say that the change in atmosphere is what’s great about homecoming. During homecoming week, everyone is much friendlier. There is a significant amount of school spirit during homecoming week. I can honestly say that homecoming is the time that I feel most welcomed at ENMU. Feeling like you belong, feeling that your support matters, and creating memories that will last a lifetime are what makes homecoming great.

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