ASENMU Meeting Updates

The 49th senate of the Associated Students of Eastern New Mexico University met on Tuesday,October 6th in the ASENMU senate chambers.

Three items of new business were discussed.

Firstly, Erica Martinez was sworn in as a new senator representing the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The second item of new business that was discussed in the meeting is Bill 49-8. This bill allocated $1,181.94 to Caduceus Health Society to allow them to organize the ENMU Allied Health Symposium. This conference is a pre-health professions conference facilitated by UNM-Health Sciences Center representatives. Aspiring health professionals will be educated on several areas of becoming a successful health professional. Speakers will present on how to become more competitive, how to apply for various jobs, what can be expected in medical schools and in medical careers, and many other important topics. This effort is beneficial not only to ENMU students but to the community at large.

The last item of new business from the meeting is Bill 49-9. This bill allocated $300 to the women of Zeta Tau Alpha for gas money for a philanthropy trip. Forty members will travel to Albuquerque to attend The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides event. By attending this event, the members of Zeta Tau Alpha will be representing Eastern New Mexico University in a positive way to the community of Albuquerque and those who choose to attend this event.

To close the meeting, directors, the Vice President, the President, and the ASENMU advisor shared comments. Ryann Montaño, the director of the Student Concerns Forum, reminded senators that her event was fast approaching. The Student Concerns Forum is to be held on Tuesday, October 13th from 11:00AM to 1:00PM in the Sandia Room. Students are encouraged to attend anywhere within that time frame. Students can share any concerns or suggestions that they may have in regards to anything that goes on at Eastern New Mexico University with a board of individuals who have the authority to make changes on campus. Concerns can also be shared by messaging ASENMU on Facebook if a student cannot make it to the event on Tuesday.

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