Places Along the Way

photo credit: Sarah Navarrette

Tony De Luz, an Eastern New Mexico University 1983 graduate and artist, is currently being featured at the Runnels gallery located in the Golden Library.

“Places Along the Way-An adventure in digital and traditional painting” contains some of De Luz’ work in both electronic and traditional painting.

De Luz, originally from Boston, is recognized as an accomplished watercolor artist, commercial illustrator, graphic designer, business owner and teacher.

Some of De Luz’ work can be seen in artwork for the United States Postal Service, Absolute Vodka and Hyatt Hotels. Old neon signs, vintage cars, and diners are all inspiration and elements used in his illustrations.

The artwork featured in the gallery contains vibrant colors, happy faces and inviting scenery.

"It does take me back to a simpler time,” De Luz said. “Whether or not things were better or worse back then, is not a part of the debate for me.”

He said, “Undoubtedly things have changed societally, and mostly for the better."

Despite the vintage style of De Luz work, he utilizes old and new techniques to create and display his work.

The exhibit has been open for about a month and will continue to be open till October 23.

De Luz will be visiting ENMU October 23, the last day of the exhibit, for an artist lecture. The lecture will be held in the Art and Anthropology Lecture Hall 110.

“My hope is that you will have that feeling of comfort when you see the images—that they remind you of home—wherever that be,” De Luz said.

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