Post Apocalyptic, Sort of

If you are reading this, congratulations, you have survived the end of the world. What has been called, anti-climactic, by some, the apocalypse has come, and gone, with the converging of three different events, these being the super-moon, blood moon, and the end of the Jewish festivals. Now if you don't have much former knowledge of rare astrological events and the lengthy history of Judaism and it's festivals, then this is probably news to you, yet if you were confused by the influx of conspiracy theories into your social-networking feeds, this could possibly be your answer, that or you may just be friends with some weird people.

The apocalypse, the end of all days, has been heralded multiple times throughout the lifetimes of the current generation. Being born around the time of Y2K, the famous technologically inspired Armageddon, and having lived through Nostradamus’s apocalypse as well as the end of the Aztec calendar, this generation has proven to be a resilient group. To be realistic though, obviously not one of these prophecies played out (even the most recent Blood Moon), yet that didn’t stop us from rallying the same kind of fear that was seen with the before mentioned prophecies. This anomaly was large enough to be covered by multiple different reputable media sources such as CNN and The Washington Post, yet it was largely seen as a joke.

Preceding the lunar eclipse, there was a wide disparity of opinions on the event. There were those celebrating the event and anticipating what was promising to be a wonderful sight, and those who had relegated themselves to what they had seen as the unavoidable end of the world. The latter group, which is majorly made up of those who hold to a Judeo-Christian belief or rather hold to a belief in the word’s of the Bible, pull the support of their view of the eclipse from the biblical book of Job where it states “the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.” Leading the school of thought surrounding this theory is a book written by John Hagee. He writes of how this eclipse is the last of a “tetrad”, which is four consecutive total lunar eclipses, each separated by six lunar months which all landed on Jewish festivals. This is one in long list of such events, all of the former marking other major events for the Jewish people.

Though there are many who ascribe to this belief with even the before mentioned book getting a film adaptation, it seems that the apocalypse has come and gone with little more than a whisper. Hardcore believers still believe that this was the start of events that will eventually lead to the Earth’s demise. There have been many events that people note when conversing what could happen. One of which is the correlation between the day marked and when Pope Francis was to meet with President Obama. There were also mysterious trumpet sounds seemingly coming from nowhere, recorded from around the world, an event that seems to have some connection to the Revelations account of the end of the world. So when it comes down to it, the human race may truly be coming to the end, yet it seems that somebody didn’t get the memo.

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