Raising the Budget for Better Stadium

The students of Eastern are familiar with the new football stadium finally being built not too far from campus. As the process of planning took place, it raised some concerns financially, and had several people wondering why it was necessary to increase the price.

First of all, the stadium price increase has been a concern in the eyes and minds of students and faculty. During the 2013-2-14, the original budget was $12 million, but has since been raised to $14.5 million.

“The budget was increased so that we could ensure that the final stadium, when constructed, met what we had envisioned for the project. Without a budget increase we might have had to reduce the seating capacity and/or eliminated the artificial turf. Neither of these decisions was something that any of us wanted to make and we really felt it would have diminished the type of stadium we are seeking for the university, its students, faculty and supporters,” said Scott Smart, Vice President for Business Affairs.

“Due to the increase of price there were a several entities that have made giant donations towards the stadium,” said Halle Pittman, President of the student body.

“Students have already agreed on a new student fee, but can also contribute by purchasing an engraved brick, just like the alumni and community are invited to do” said Noelle Bartl, Executive Director of the ENMU Foundation. Bricks can be purchased at www.enmu.edu/stadiumbricks.

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