Touchdown Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the ENMU bookstore offers a discount on one item from purchases to celebrate how many touchdowns the football team scored at the previous game. If the football team scores one touchdown then there is a five percent discount on the most expensive item that you purchase, according to bookstore employee Bobby Brunson.

Brunson said the discount goes up five percent per touchdown until it reaches twenty-five percent. He said that the bookstore is getting more business when they promote Touchdown Tuesdays on their social media accounts.

Doreen Chavez, a senior, jumped at the opportunity to purchase a pink long sleeve that she had her eyes on since the beginning of the semester.

Chavez is not the only one who thinks that Touchdown Tuesdays is a good deal for students.

“I think it’s really beneficial to the students,” senior student William Bailey said. “[Students] complain about the prices being too steep, so this gives them the opportunity to receive those discounts.”

Freshman Luis Roybal said he has not gone to the bookstore and does not plan to any time soon due to his personal budget. Roybal believes that Touchdown Tuesdays is a good concept and an incentive for students to make purchases at the bookstore.

I personally think that this is a wonderful idea. It will get more students interested in purchasing ENMU apparel to support the football team and other teams at their games. When I first heard of Touchdown Tuesdays it was by email from student affairs. It peaked my interest, although I have not taken advantage of the discount.

I understand that the concept for Touchdown Tuesdays is to celebrate the football team scoring at their games, and I do agree that it is a great deal for students, however, I do think that this concept could be expanded to the other teams at ENMU. Expanding this concept to the other teams could really unite them. I personally think that it would be an even better deal if the other teams’ accomplishment were celebrated as well. The other teams work just as hard as the football team. I think that the bookstore should combine the other teams’ accomplishments into a one-day-discount offer and keep Touchdown Tuesdays as its own deal. My respect goes out to the bookstore for offering this discount in honor of the football teams’ accomplishments.

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