The Evolution of Google

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A site that quickly became the front page of the Internet has recently received a facelift. Google, a business that has been making many innovations lately, has made a more visual change, with a redone page with re-designed logos and advertisements. Though these are more aesthetic changes than anything else, this has been called a large move for the company as a whole. Those who have visited the site enough, which includes the majority of college students, will know that when it comes to the public relations of the company there isn’t really a definite format that they follow, with one of the more structured approaches being its changing nature. Even the logo sometimes makes weekly changes with what is called Google Doodles. These though have all still remained true to the appearance of the company and it’s function in providing many online services.

Larry Page and Sergey Bring created Google on September 4, 1998, while the two were in college for their Ph.D.’s at Stanford University. They built up from the mission statement “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” They formed the business to fill a perceived gap in functionality of all the different search engines at the time. With gradual growth the company moved out to Palo Alto, California in March 1999. This signified the beginning of an extended time of success that has had few low points up until the current day.

After a couple of more venue changes, the now rapidly growing company bought Silicon Graphics in Mountain View, California in 2001. The new building was affectionately called the Googleplex, and it became a focal point of the technological community. At this time the company had found their way into pop culture, with the verb “google” being added to dictionaries and even spawning a fan club, who modeled themselves after a religious group, calling themselves Googlists, with where they met on forums and websites being called “The Church of Google.” What had begun, as a college project had quickly become a cultural mainstay.

It was on this success that Google rode through the following years. Though they continued with such things as the before mentioned Doodles, there were not many big innovations coming from the company. They had made some big acquisitions such as their buying of YouTube in 2006. This leads to the modern day with one of the most obvious changes they have made in years. In speaking on the recent change, the company spoke of their past. They spoke of how, initially they had been a strictly computer based company with that being the only path for their service. As the technological world expanded to smart phones and tablets, so did Google, and this logo change is seen as a long time due.

All that this redesign includes is a replacement of the typical lowercase “g” in the logo with a multicolored “G.” This new four color approach has been translated to all products from Google and offers customers an immediate relation of the services. As the press release that followed this change stated that this will allow customers to see whenever the “Google magic is working for you.”

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