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Do you like swimming? Want to swim, but can’t find a place? Let’s go to the natatorium!

There is an oft-ignored building on campus named the Natatorium Aquatic Center. It’s located across from Golden Library and next to the Science Building. The natatorium has been here at ENMU for decades.

Renovation of the natatorium began several years ago and finished in May of 2009. Gary Carter, director of Intramurals and Recreation (the division responsible for the natatorium and MaxPAC), says, “After the renovation they put new windows and new heating systems in the natatorium.”

The natatorium’s pool is 75 feet long with five lanes. The natatorium is open all weekdays, and its hours have been divided into different categories so that people can go there for different purposes.

Those who are not good at swimming can go to the natatorium during lap-swimming hours. “Many people walk in the water back and forth for fitness,” Carter said. For those who prefer actual swimming, open swim hours are available.

The natatorium is open to both students and community members. “Students are free to go, and people from the community pay a small fee,” said Carter. Community members pay three dollars for a single visit, or can pay a monthly fee for daily use.

The pool is four feet deep at one end and gradually deepens to 12 feet at the other end. With this range of depths the natatorium can satisfy various needs, such as regular swimming and aqua aerobics.

The natatorium provides many classes for ENMU students and the general community. For example, swimming classes for beginners or intermediary swimmers, children’s swimming classes, and morning aqua aerobics. “There are two kinds of classes: credit and non-credit,” said Carter, “and people can choose what they want.”

Jadeline Mulikin, the secretary of the Health and Physical Education Department, said she was surprised to hear students are unfamiliar with the natatorium. Carter refers to swimming as “a good fitness,” and adds that ENMU offers many options for fitness and HPE requirements. “It depends on how they want to use these facilities and resources.

For a full list of natatorium hours and classes, please call 575-562-2713.

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