Playboy Covers Up

After sixty-two years of sexy centerfolds, Playboy has announced their ban on nude photos in the publication, both in print and online. Featured women will now be required to wear some clothing whilst being photographed.

I have personally never believed the “I read it for the articles” statement given by Playboy readers, but it seems that it may be all the more true as the magazine focuses more on the writing than the visual.

“You’re now just one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture,” Playboy CEO Scott Flanders said in an interview with the New York Times.

The magazine has published works from influential men such as Ray Bradbury and Joseph Heller, and interviewed public figures such as Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter, Miles Davis, and Frank Sinatra.

Speaking to others, it seems that most college-aged students have never picked one up. Watching films from back in the day, it was the goal of an adolescent male to grab one from his older brother’s room or to go sneakily with friends to the magazine store to swipe a copy.

This is probably due to the “one click away” issue that Flanders referred to in the New York Times. The Internet has allowed us to instantaneously reach anything our hearts desire, whether that be information is for a research paper or finding scarcely-attired women.

Sophomore Hank Dropps believes that removing nudes defeats the purpose of the magazine.

“[Nudity] is pretty much what Playboy is founded on,” Dropps said. “It’s like going to McDonald’s and asking for McNuggets and they say ‘Oh—well— we don’t have those anymore.’ ”

In my opinion, if the women featured wish to have their pictures taken nude that is their prerogative. They made the conscious decision to do so. This idea has sold for over sixty years, so it must be working in some way. As for Playboy banning nudity, this may open new routes for the publication in the future.

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