Wagon Wheel Here We Come

This past Saturday’s win against Angelo State University Rams was a special one for the community of Portales and the ENMU Greyhounds football team, a game that was a must win.

The historic Black Water Draw Stadium hosted its final regular home game ever against the Rams of Angelo State University, a game in which the Hounds were able to win and improve their record to 6-2. The Greyhounds were able to score 46 points and only allow 28 points from the Rams in their last regular season home game at Black Water Draw.

The Greyhounds running attack seemed impossible to defend for Angelo State. Kamal Cass of Clovis, New Mexico, had a huge game as he put up big numbers running the ball.

Cass had a total of 188 running yards with three touchdowns scored on Saturday. Tayshaun Gary, the red shirt freshmen from El Paso, Texas, also had a stellar running game for ENMU. Gary ran for a total of 139 yards and put up three touchdowns against the defense of Angelo State. ENMU’s starting quarterback Jeremy Buurma contributed to the run game, rushing for 134 yards and going 2-5 passing the ball with one interception.

The Greyhounds set a new school record for a total of rushing yards on the season with their win.

The Greyhounds made big stops and plays on the defensive side of the ball, helping the team earn its sixth win in the year. The senior defensive back Jerrell Bradford led the team in tackles with seven, while De’Aundre Sanders was right behind him with six. Junior Sanders picked the Rams off once and ran the ball back for 35 yards before being tackled, the turnover then resulted in the Greyhounds scoring another touchdown.

The offense had a total of 601 yards against Angelo’s 505. The defense made 57 tackles, had a total of 14 points-off turnovers, and were 8-15 on third down conversions. The team also had a possession time of 40 minutes and 14 seconds compared to the Rams total time of 19 minutes and 46 seconds.

The next game for the Greyhounds will take place in Canyon, Texas, to face their rivals West Texas A&M University. The Hounds will compete for a third consecutive win of the coveted wagon wheel.

Saturdays win might have been the last at Black Water Draw Stadium, but the Greyhounds football team made it a special one for fans of ENMU football.

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