Tops in Blue Performs at ENMU

photo credit: Shaun Banther

Area residents enjoyed musical performances, including decades of musical influence, during the 2015 World Tour Tops in Blue performance at the Greyhound Arena last Wednesday night.

Tops in Blue, an Air Force entertainment team, has performed for over 60 years for communities in the United States and for airmen around the world.

Dressed in a variety sequin dresses and suits, the group began their performance with an assortment of modern music including Sugar by Maroon 5, Stay with Me by Sam Smith, and Up Town Funk by Farrell.

After playing several popular songs of the current generation, Tops in Blue took the audience on a musical trip through the 20th Century playing music from each decade. With each song, the performances changed from ragtime to gospel, acapella to rock, and rock to country.

Approaching the end of the show, a Hercules mascot greeted the audience then danced on stage as vocalists sang a song from Disney’s Hercules.

A line of uniformed Marvel and D.C. superheroes entered from the side of the stage, high-fiving the children in the audience. The heroes joined Hercules on stage along with performer Rashaun Carter, clothed in his battle dress uniform. The performers danced and sung alongside the airman in homage to real-life heroes like the men and women of the Unites States Armed Forces.

The remaining performers ended the show wearing their dress uniforms and approached the front stage for the audience. The crowd stood in ovation.

First Lieutenant Lauren Rogers said the Tops in Blue tour has been a rewarding experience.

“It’s incredible,” Rogers said. “What’s really important to us is giving back to the community.”

Rogers said the group performs for communities nationwide as well as for Air Force personnel deployed in other countries. She said that all performers help to assemble the stage and equipment used in the performance.

“It was awesome,” said ENMU Police Lieutenant Shawn Gore. “I enjoyed it greatly.”

Gore’s favorite part of the performance was “the tribute to the military heroes.”

“If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here tonight,” Gore said.

Zach From, a 22-year-old airman from Cannon Air Force Base, heard about the event on base and enjoyed the performance.

“I enjoyed going back in time with the music,” From said.

Ally Galassini, 14, said this was her first Tops in Blue performance. She said watching the Hercules portion of the show was her favorite.

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