Eastern's Got Talent

The Associated Students Activities Board recently held it’s fourth annual Eastern’s Got Talent competition on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. Eleven acts were showcased, with talents ranging from singing, dancing, and even yo-yoing. This competition takes inspiration from the popular cable television show “America’s Got Talent”.

Hosted by students Erik Bojorquez and Kris-Ann Walters, the competition lasted about an hour and a half.

Judging for the final four were junior student Tyler Howard, Executive Secretary for Student Affairs Amanda Delgado, and Dr. Suzanne Swift. These three chose their four favorite acts, and the students in the audience then voted for first, second, and third places.

Finalists included Amanda Michelle, Issac Alvarez, Kew Mason, and Rafael Reyes. Third place winner Issac Alvarez performed an interpretative dance to a compilation of songs, second place winner Rafael Reyes belted out a tune originally performed in the musical “Hairspray”, and first place winner Kew Mason sang an original acoustic piece written for her younger brother.

“I always enjoy sharing my passion for performing. It was exciting to place. It's nice to know people enjoy listening to me as much as I like singing. It's also nice to win a little money doing what I love to do,” said finalist and second-place winner Rafael Reyes.

The audience was very attentive, participating in the mini talent contests set up by the hosts. Memorable performances included Cristian Zaragoza’s “The Circle of Life” piece, and freshman Jasmine Sahd’s rendition of the song made famous by Elvis, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

“It was fun to perform for the student body,” said junior Bailey Thompson-Garcia, who performed several yo-yo tricks during the competition.

As a member of the audience, freshman Herman Montoya thought that it “was exciting and pleasant to watch.”

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