Fear Fest

In the dark night, a girl was running fast, breathlessly, nervously and restlessly. She ran for a long distance, the surroundings were dim, and the light were flickering. The scenes became blurry, uncertain, swaying; the sounds made me horrified and fearful. After a series of full-length shots, the scene transited to black, flashed with the title: “Runners”.

This has been the third year that Fear Festival was held by the ENMU Film Club. "It is a chance to let young filmmakers present their work to the public," said Michael Poynor, a member of the ENMU Film Club. The Fear Festival calls for self-made films with the theme of Halloween, and they are not necessarily scary.

"It is not limited to just the students," said Poynor, “we accept any submission from local high schools to filmmakers in Albuquerque, if the word travels far enough.”

There were 11 films for Fear Festival this year, varying from different styles. Some of them were thrillers and some comedis. The audience enjoyed the films and gave each filmmaker a round of applause after the showings.

The films were “Presentiment”, “Runners”, “Story Time”, “Shadow People”, “Knights of Sterling High Trailer”, “Where”, “Benjamin and the Bloodsucker”, “Collection”, “The Passion of John Travolta”, “Fear Came One Night”, and “Go Away”.

Filmmakers can start working on their project whenever they want, and all the films should be submitted by a week ahead of the festival.

“If someone just happens to have a Halloween or horror themed film that is already made,” Poynor said, “we can accept it as long as it hasn’t been entered before.”

There were five awards in total for the Fear Festival. The winners who ranked top three were decided by three judges, and these films were will be rated according to their story, image, and sound. There were two additional prizes: the “Audience Choice” award and the “Most Messed Up” award. Each member of the audience was given a sheet of paper on which they voted for each of the awards.

The movie “The Passion of John Travolta” won the “Most Messed Up” award, while “Benjamin and the Bloodsucker” won the “Audience Choice” award. In addition, “Benjamin and the Bloodsucker”, “Where”, and “Shadow People” won first, second and third prize respectively.

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