Searching for Spinners

The Greyhound Sound Marching Band is searching for people interested in joining the color guard. There are currently four members on the team and the GSMB would really like for that number to grow.

According to the Director of Bands, Dustin Seifert, “The color guard adds immensely to the total production quality of any marching band.”

“The combination of silks, rifles, and other equipment plus choreography adds additional visual interest to any show concept,” said Seifert. “I can’t imagine a marching band without a color guard.”

There are many misconceptions when it comes to color guard. It is not an organization that excludes male participants. Anyone, no matter the gender, as the ability to join if they wish to.

No prior experience in either spinning, marching, or music is required in order to join. It may seem difficult to spin a flag for the first time for those who do not experience, but with practice it gets easier. All of the basics for color guard and marching are taught to new members during a summer band camp that is held the week before classes start.

Many students do not know that ENMU has a color guard at the collegiate level. Seifert said that other than there being a general lack of knowledge that the color guard unit exists, recruitment efforts are normally targeted towards wind and percussion students.

“We are working diligently to make corrections,” Seifert said. Color guard at the collegiate level provides the same enjoyment for many students as it did in high school. The only difference between color guard in high school and color guard in college are the lack of competitions at the collegiate level.

Cricket Braman, a senior on the color guard team, said that she joined color guard for the first time in college.

“I was always a band nerd and it was nice to do color guard for the first time since I did do band in high school,” Braman said. “I enjoy the different routines that you get to perform and the friends that you make in color guard.”

The current captain, Marissa Tijerina, would love to help others experience the thrill of performing in front of the crowd without the pressure of being judged for placement in a competition.

For further information about colorguard or how to join, please contact Marissa Tijerina, at or Mr. Dustin Seifert at

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