Buy a Brick, Build a Stadium

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Allowing students and alumni to leave a unique legacy all their own, the “Stadium Brick” campaign will display bricks at the entrance of the new ENMU Greyhound Stadium engraved with their names and custom phrases.

Similar to the wall outside of the Communication Building, the new ENMU Greyhound Stadium will have a wall of donated bricks, engraved with the names of students and alumni, allowing them to leave a legacy on something that will change Eastern forever.

The donations (which are 100% tax deductible) allow for the Foundation to reach their final goal of $15.5 million for the “Time is Now” stadium campaign, and let students and alumni have a souvenir that will be showcased forever.

“The bricks are just one component of the stadium campaign where everybody can participate,” said Noelle Bartl, Executive Director of the ENMU Foundation.

These bricks were first marketed to alumni through the ENMU Foundation’s annual magazine, Green and Silver. The Foundation then decided to reach out to students through the mail, sending postcards designed to look like bricks reading “Have you ordered your stadium brick yet?”

The postcard encourages recipients to log on to the website, order one of three brick options and engrave it with a phrase or saying of their choice.

“In our plans we have for the new stadium, there is a plaza area. Once people pass through the gate on the home side [into the plaza area], there will be a wall with the bricks. There will be events held here so that the bricks will always be on display,” said Bartl.

After purchasing a brick for the stadium, the consumer then has the choice to order a duplicate brick.

“People can buy one for the stadium and one for themselves, an extra brick to put on a bookshelf,” said Bartl.

To purchase a brick, log onto

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