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The art world is filled with great diversity and variety, with artists thriving on challenges and new ideas. This week a show of this tenant of art was being presented in the Runnels Gallery in the Eastern New Mexico University Golden Library. This exhibit is titled Scribble Art and included many different collaborations, this being the root of this unique approach. These art pieces are works between two different artists one being art majors and art alumni from the college and three to five year olds from the Child Development Center on campus. In what was an interesting approach to the art, the children were asked to scribble on a piece of bristol board and then those were, in turn, given to the artists to find a picture within the scribbles.

Though this isn’t the first time that this idea has been presented in the art world, it draws from a somewhat nostalgic source. Those with kids know the types of drawings that will come to them on a near daily basis. They usually include stick people and winding lines showing the imagination and mind of the child. This project uses this inspiration to create greatly diverse pieces of art. The display shows the initial drawing by the kid artist and beside it, the interpretation by the adult artist. In creating these, the artists were able to pick the drawings that spoke to them and that they believed they could create something from. The resulting pictures encapsulate the emotion and meaning of the project as a whole. They show whimsical settings and a vast variety of different animals. There is also a meaningful connection being made between the two departments that is authentic in the way that it is approached. In a time of such development, as can be seen in, and following college, there is a necessity to look back on where one has come from. This project has created important connection to the development of young artists and has shown what can result from such collaboration. Scribble Art will be available to view in the Runnels Gallery until Nov. 13 with a closing reception being held from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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