Mirari Brass Quintet

The Mirari Brass Quintet, a vivacious and colorful group of brass players from all over the country, visited Eastern’s campus this past Friday to give a master class and perform a recital for the community.

The quintet, described on their website as a “a grassroots effort of several friends, sharing a spirit of exploration,” performs all over the country, giving master classes, recitals, and other instructional classes as a group. The five members presented a lively and engaging recital to the students, faculty, and Eastern’s community.

The members, strewn across four different states, met each other through mutual friends and through different orchestras and bands they were involved in.

The quintet is currently in its fifth season and kicked off its late 2015 tour with a visit to Eastern’s campus.

Comprised of two trumpeters, a trombonist, a tubist, and a French horn player, the quintet presented a master class to the music students and other musicians of Eastern on Friday afternoon. This master class allowed several students to showcase particular musical pieces to their peers, which were then critiqued by the members of the quintet, in order to improve their performance.

Five students performed pieces, and each member of the quintet gave advice to these young players in order to further their crafts.

“All of these notes have a purpose,” said Jessie Thoman, the quintet’s French horn player, while helping freshman trumpeter Adan Martinez.

The recital was well attended and ended with rave reviews. The quintet performed two madrigals, several pieces originally intended for string groups, and a piece commissioned specifically for them, titled “Percolate”, by John Cheatham.

The recital was received well by music students.

“You can learn so much from just listening and taking it all in,” senior Andres Labastida said.

“Being a low brass player, the articulation was beyond impressive,” senior Chris Gonzales said. “The level of mastery brought to this campus is greatly underappreciated.”

My favorite thing about performances like that, is that they talk to you, and it feels real. It’s fascinating,” said freshman Kalina Scollon.

Before arriving to Eastern, the Mirari Brass Quintet performed at the Abingdon Episcopal Church in White Marsh, Virginia.

After performing on the Eastern campus, they headed to the Corrales Mission Church in Albuquerque. This particular performance is not one that will soon be forgotten by those in attendance.

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