A new record and a new game for Peyton Manning

On Sunday November 15th, things looked a little different than a lot of people would have thought coming from the Denver Broncos. Denver played the Kansas City Chiefs and with Peyton Manning usually throwing fairly well, he seemed off. Manning surpassed Brett Favre’s all-time passing yards during the Chiefs game and will be in the record books for a long time if I do say so myself, but at the same time this day will also be remembered as “Peyton Manning, record breaker and benchwarmer”.

It was about the 6 min and 30 second mark where Manning threw his fourth interception of the game, probably the most in his career in just one game, and with the Broncos trailing the Chiefs 20-0, Peyton was not being and asset to the team whatsoever. Manning was consistantly booed off of the field almost after every possession, and was quickly replaced by backup quarterback Brock Osweiler. Osweiler came in and led the team to two touchdowns with an ending result of 29-13, Kansas City coming out on top.

Denver Bronco’s coach Gary Kubiak had some discussion with the team, and they resulted in a conclusion that might be controversial. Peyton Manning will not and did not play against the Bears this past Sunday in Chicago, and on top of that he did not even travel. For this there are two reasons, he battled plantar fasciitis, and his poor gameplay against the Chiefs. Instead Brock Osweiler started and led the Bronco’s to a 15-13 victory over the Bears.

Will Oswieler be the new starter from now on? If Peyton can get healthy and step up his game, that may be a small chance for him. “Brock led us to a victory while Peyton lost us two games in a row against the Colts and Chiefs” said Dustin Smith. “I believe they need to work with Osweiler more consistently, because he has a lot of potential to be great.”

Denver has a tough game against the Patriots this coming week on the 29th, but I believe they will start Manning, only because he has more experience than Osweiler. Osweiler may be in a panicked state of mind if he starts against a team like the Patriots with it only being his second career start. Let’s see what next week has in store as the Bronco’s go back to the drawing board and practice field.

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