ISIS Attacks on America

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, referred to as ISIS or ISIL, recently completed an attack on Paris, France this past Friday, November 13, 2015. The terrorists killed 130 people in six separate locations throughout the city.

These attacks were the deadlist targeting of French civilians since the end of World War II, according to the New York Post.

On November 15, 2015, the French military retaliated by launched in the biggest Airstrike of Opération Chammal, its bombing campaign against ISIS. This attack sent 10 aircraft to drop 20 bombs on Raqqa, the base city of ISIS.

“[The attacks] were an attack on all humanity and the universal values that we share,” said President Barack Obama in a White House statement.

Since these attacks, the United States has received several threats via released video featuring terrorists.

According to CBS, a hacker group called “Anonymous” reportedly said that it “uncovered threats by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” The FBI is aware of reports of an alleged threat that includes an “Atlanta, Georgia venue and event.”

This event was the WWE Survivor Series. Since the threat was released, The WWE said that it and the Atlanta venue hosting the vent “increased security measures to ensure fans’ safety.”

In another video released by ISIS, titled “Paris Has Collapsed”, the terror group shows the Eiffel Tower collapsing as a fighter promises terror strikes in Paris and the United States, according to the New York Daily News.

“What do they expect from the nation of Islam, other than more of these strikes?” the militant asks.

A more recent video from the ISIS extremists threatens to attack the White house, and turn it “black with our fire, Allah willing,” according to the Daily Mail. This video includes extremists threatened President Barack Obama and French President François Hollande.

These videos state that ISIS will “lead America, France, and their allies ‘like slaves, like dogs’,” and threatens high profile cities such as Washington, D.C. and New York.

Six days ago, ISIS released a video saying that they “tell countries participating in the crusader campaign that they “swear you will experience a similar day to the one that France experiences; since if we have struck France in its heart-in Paris- then we swear we will strike America at its heart-in Washington,” according to USA Today.

“Paris won’t be the last event of its kind, and America isn’t immune from such horrific scenarios. Since the caliphate was declared last year, ISIS has upped its game. If there ever was a JV team, it clearly wasn’t ISIS, but rather al Qaeda,” according to the New York Post.

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