What Happens After Graduation?

“I’m saying bye-bye New Mexico, hello Texas,” said Carla Ruiz. Ruiz is graduating with a Bachelor’s in Science with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. She has a job lined up with CBS 7 in Odessa, Texas starting the Monday after Commencement.

Ruiz started attending ENMU in the fall of 2013. In high school, she took dual credit courses, so by the time she got to ENMU she was classified as a sophomore. Ruiz decided to come to ENMU after attending Senior Preview Day. “I really liked the class sizes and the fact that there are a ton of trees,” said Ruiz. According to Ruiz, “[ENMU] is close to home and the size of the campus is not too big or too small, it was just right.”

Ruiz is graduating from ENMU after spending only 2 and a half years here. She did not qualify for financial aid other than receiving the Lea County Co-Op Scholarship and the Lottery Scholarship.

As the first in her family to attend a university, Ruiz said that her parents’ sacrifices, hard work, and determination gave her the opportunity to get an education, and it was her motivation to graduate early.

There were times that Ruiz felt discouraged about graduating early. “I was entering a different world, a world where I had no idea what I was doing; Like what classes to register for where I’m asking my fellow freshman seminar classmates what in the world ‘TR’ [means] because it’s on my schedule,” said Ruiz.

Despite any discouragements, Ruiz pushed through and met her goal of graduating early. She was offered a job for CBS 7 after interning there over the summer. “They welcomed me back after being very impressed with my performance,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz will be producing the 4:30 show Monday thru Friday beginning December 14th. “I’m a bit crazy for starting so soon, but taking a break, to me, is like putting my life on hold; so I’m jumping right into it,” said Ruiz.

As a producer for News 3 NM, the broadcast station at ENMU, Ruiz was always writing everything down and leaving notes everywhere for herself. According to Ruiz, she is a very visual person, so by leaving notes everywhere for herself that helped her learn how to properly use the board when she was directing a show. “I really enjoyed producing for News 3 NM these past semesters,” said Ruiz.

Even though Ruiz has experience with being a producer, she is still a little nervous for her new job. “As a producer, you are under a lot of pressure to complete and air a perfect show,” said Ruiz.

In order to make sure that she had a job after graduation, Ruiz started applying for jobs in August. She was determined to have a job before graduating. Ruiz said that she updated her LinkedIn account constantly and connected with different companies.

Ruiz wanted to leave fellow students a bit of advice when it comes to finding a job right after graduating. “Look for Scholarships, they really help establish connections that could lead to a job offer,” said Ruiz.

“Set goals and push yourself to achieve them,” said Ruiz. She also advises to join a club. She said that the Comm club helped her last semester fly by. Ruiz said that clubs have a way of pushing someone out of their shell.

“Go on adventures and try new things, because thanks to ENMU, I met some extraordinary people, and for that, I am truly blessed,” Ruiz said.

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