New Semester... New Major?

For some students, coming back to school after a break can be stressful, especially if they did not have the easiest semester before. Some students might not have done as well in their classes as they would have liked and are unsure if their major choice was the right one. First, let me say that being unsure of your major or future is a normal feeling! It’s the fear of the unknown and asking what if questions that cause our anxiety to take over. Don’t stress too much-my office can help!

If you are a returning student or are about to start your second semester and you have realized that your major wasn’t what you thought it would be, there is still time to explore other options. Just because you chose a major does not mean you are stuck there.

We have multiple resources to help students decide what to do next. We have free career and major assessments that are available to help students gain a better understanding of what field they would succeed in. The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory takes an in-depth look into a student’s personality type or preference, what careers to look at, and what majors to choose to pursue that career. It can also help students understand their study habits and dealing with stress.

We also utilize the STRONG Interest Inventory, which is a free online assessment. The STRONG asks students to rate their interest level on a multitude of different career options. It then places your interest levels in different themes such as enterprising, realistic, or artistic and then lists even more careers to choose from. The STRONG also takes your top ten interest occupations and lets you know what major to choose, what classes to take, and what degree level you will need. Both of these assessments help students to feel more in control of their life and can help them find the path to success.

For many students the struggle, is deciding what to do with their major after they graduate. My office has teamed up with to provide ENMU students with a list of employers by major in not only New Mexico, but the entire country. Buzzfile lets you look at multiple majors and then lets you choose different states. Within the state of your choosing, you can see a list of employers for that specific major.

For example, if you choose to a major like chemistry and then choose the state of New Mexico, it will show you a large list of chemistry employers in the state of New Mexico. You can sort them all by city so you can look at one large area at once. It not only gives you the names of employers but contact information, website, geographical location and cost of living in that area. It is a great resource for graduating students and also students who are wanting to know what they can do with their major.

Please do not feel that you have to stick with a major you are unsure about. If you want to come in for some reassurance that you are in the right major, do not hesitate to come in and speak with me. We want all of our students to be successful and feeling confident in your major is the first step. You can make a free and confidential appointment at 575-562-2211 or email me at

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