New Hampshire is on the Clock

Think of the presidential election as a sports draft, whether it be NFL or NBA. The team general managers and coach’s pick the players they want for their team. In this case, each state is voting for a president they think will benefit the country more. Ted Cruz from the Republican Party, and Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party both took Iowa.

Ted Cruz won with a 27.6 percentile, followed by Donald Trump at 24.3 percent, and Marco Rubio in third with 23.1 percent. Hillary Clinton barely passed Bernie Sanders with a percentage of 49.9% and Sanders with a 49.6%.

With New Hampshire as the next state to vote, a lot of the votes may be one-sided. For the Democrats, New Hampshire has been pretty good to Clinton in recent discussions held by MSNBC and CNN, and Bernie Sanders looks to take this one, but not by much. With Clinton leading in the polls by two, hers being 44% and Sanders 42%, according to recent polls posted on February 4th, Sanders looks to be increasing his chances with this specific state.

Why is he looking to win? His home state Vermont is located “next door” to New Hampshire, so a lot of support may come from New Hampshire. Sanders is also very appealing to most young people, specifically college students and soon to be college students, due to his discussions on school tuition. Lastly, due to him being a former independent senator, he may have raised support from independent voters.

For the Republican Party, Donald Trump looks to be ahead in the polls for New Hampshire with Rubio in second and Cruz in third. Trump looks to take New Hampshire, because they will find his tough immigration policy appealing, and since he is a businessman, most people believe he will benefit the economy. Most of the North East, and other surrounding states believe that he knows what is best for the economy. Rubio may be trailing Trump in the poll, but he didn’t lose to Trump by much in Iowa. I personally don’t think Cruz will win New Hampshire, but I do believe Marco Rubio will give Donald Trump a fight due to his strong showings in Iowa, and in recent polls.

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