"The True Story of Cinderella", an Opera brought to ENMU

The story of Cinderella is coming to ENMU and it will be told with a whole new twist, added with humor to keep the audience laughing, and something not worth missing.

“The True Story of Cinderella” is an opera written by Warren Martin that will be performed in Buchanan Hall from February 11- 13 at 7 p.m., and on February 14 at 3 p.m. Admission will be $5 for everyone, including students.

The performance should be no longer than one hour and twenty minutes at the most, with no intermissions. The performers include: Angela Rudd, Abby Proctor, Maggie Gomez, Elizabeth Williams, Amanda Rindlisbach, Jeremy Small, Devin DeVargas, Isaiah Guerrero, Austin Phillips, Roberto Garza Jr., Jonathan Lynch, Hannah Weeks, and Edie Gutierrez.

The director of the opera, Dr. Travis Sherwood, is very excited for the students to perform.

“There will be lots of really good singing, lots of artistic artistry with the students, pretty exciting costuming. [There will be] a magical on stage dress change by Cinderella. The music is actually really cool. The writer did a very good job capturing the characters,” Dr. Sherwood said.

Because this Cinderella story is told in a slightly different way, I asked Dr. Sherwood what his opinion was over this opera.

“I find this piece to be a charming and rather comedic second look at a very familiar fairytale. To preserve the illusion of make-believe, Martin compiles a roster of characters who are larger than life. The characters are assisted by a narrator who orates the story as her vivid imagination is portrayed in live action on the stage,” said Dr. Sherwood. “Through a rather eclectic assortment of musical styles Martin brilliantly captures the essence of each of the individual characters. There are moments of verismo opera, musical theatre, cabaret, and even vaudeville.”

“This performance is catered to the student body, there is humor, drama, and it’s a parody to Cinderella” Robert Garza, Jr. said.

Garza, who is a senior studying vocal performance, is a tenor voice for the opera.

“At first I thought that it was an opera by Rossini, so I was a little intimidated because it requires an extensive range for a male. When I found out it was Warren Martin, I was excited that it was something I am unfamiliar with,” Garza said.

Jonathan Lynch, a senior who will be graduating this May with a Bachelor of Science in music and minor in psychology. This will be his third and final opera at ENMU, and he will play the role of the king.

“There is so much to laugh at in this opera, so come let us entertain you for an hour. You will not regret it!” Lynch said.

Hannah Weeks who is a sophomore also studying vocal performance is very excited to be Cinderella. After all, it truly is every girls dream to someday be a princess.

“It has always been a goal and a dream to be a Disney Princess, so getting to do this is a dream come true. All of the performers are great, nobody is better than anybody else,” said Weeks.

According to Weeks, the performance will keep the audience laughing so much that they will want to view it again just to pick up on any missed scenes. This opera is very family friendly and Dr. Sherwood greatly encourages families to bring children to the performances.

The opera will be performed the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Tickets can be purchased in advance in the Music Building Room 115 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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