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Need an answer? Comfort? Reassurance? Encouragement? Don’t worry because I am here for you.

Hello everyone!

This week I have some more questions to answer for you all.

First question: Hello Jolene. There is a girl that really likes me, but I think I see her more as a friend. I feel bad because she is such a great girl, but I just don’t see her that way. What do I do?

We have all been there before, don’t worry. I am sure this girl will not think badly of you. As long as you have not been giving her hopes of a relationship, she will understand. Sometimes we tend to bring peoples hopes up without knowing but don’t really realize how much we can be hurting those people.

Just make sure that you make it clear when she starts to bring that topic up, but do not be rude, just reassure her how much of a wonderful friend she is. I know that it sounds like the typical “friend zone” strategy, but it truly sometimes is the nicest way to not completely shatter someone’s feelings. Best of luck!

Second question: Hi Jolene! How do I break a promise that I can’t keep without looking like I don’t care or hurting the person I made the promise to?

First of all it, depends on the seriousness of this promise and what this promise means for your relationship with this person. No broken promise ever goes completely forgiven. Unless this person does not really care, but since you are truly concerned I am assuming it is an important promise.

If the promise involves something you feel uncomfortable with, then speak to this person, tell them why you are uncomfortable with keeping this information. If they truly care about you, then they should also be able to understand your situation. I think communication is always the best way to deal with any problem. Best of luck!

Third question: Hello Jolene, I don’t really have a question just need some motivation. I am trying to start a diet but it is seriously the hardest thing ever, do you have any small tips?

The best thing to do is to start with baby steps. Slowly take things out of your diet. Do not take out everything out at once, because your body will feel it and not like it. I am not a nutrition expert, some people will read this and say “that’s wrong” but this is what I do. I will cut out sodas and junk food slowly and increase my vegetable and fruit intake. I do not take away things completely because that is usually how I will cheat my diet faster and fail completely at it. I hope this helped in some way. Best of luck!

Well ladies and gents, this is all the questions we have for this week, hope you enjoy and ask questions. Remember, I am here for you. Now to leave you, a little thought to keep in mind:

Never ever settle for less than you deserve.

Your favorite girl,


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