Opinion: #Boycott Beyonce: Proud of the Blues vs. The "Beyhive"

A protest rally organized by law enforcement supporters will take place in front of the NFL headquarters building on February 16, 2016 in response to Beyoncé’s halftime performance at this year’s Superbowl.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter performed her new song “Formation” at this year’s Superbowl halftime show after Coldplay and Bruno Mars.

Beyoncé released the music video for “Formation” on Saturday, February 6, the day before she was to perform at the Superbowl.

The music video, “Formation”, displays footage of a young black boy dancing in front of a line of police officers until the officers raise their hands in the air, then the footage switches to a wall with the words “Stop Shooting Us” written in graffiti.

The video also shows footage of Beyoncé and her backup dancers moving into the formation of an “X”, which is thought to pay tribute to Malcom-X, a civil rights activist.

During her halftime performance, Beyoncé and her backup dancers moved into that same “X” formation.

They were dressed in costumes that were meant as a 50th anniversary establishment tribute for the Black Panther Party.

Many people are supporting Beyoncé’s decision to bring more attention to the Black Lives Matter movement since her music video and halftime performance highlights recent police shootings against the black community.

Others, like the National Association of Police Organizations, are not supportive of Knowles-Carters performance.

In a letter sent to the NFL, President of the National Association of Police Organization, Michael McHale, refers to Beyoncé’s performance as “cop-killer entertainment”.

The letter is linked to the Anti-Beyoncé Protest Rally Invite on EventBrite.com.

The Anti-Beyoncé Protest invite says that it was created by “Proud of the Blues”, not naming the event coordinator, but the group as a whole.

The invite on Eventbrite reads “Are you offended as an American that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl? Do you agree that it was a slap in the face to law enforcement? Do you agree that the Black Panthers was/is a hate group which should not be glorified? Come and let's stand together. Let's tell the NFL we don't want hate speech & racism at the Superbowl ever again!”

Beyoncé supporters responded to the protest by creating their own Eventbrite invite.

The Pro-Beyoncé Protest Rally says that it was created by “The Beyhive”.

Their invite on Eventbrite reads, “Are you sick of everyone blowing this out of proportion? Beyoncé took a stand against what has been happening against our black community because it HAS TO STOP! We are tired of police officers killing our young black men and women. We're tired of the senseless deaths of Treyvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, and the countless others that have lost their lives. We're tired of being told that we're racist because we love ourselves. We are doing what we should've done all along and no one is going to tell us that we can't!”

In response to the Anti-Beyoncé group, I am offended that Beyoncé chose to “pull her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl”, however, not I do not think that it was race-baiting.

I take offense to the fact that she chose to spark a political debate at the halftime show that is meant to be for entertainment purposes.

I believe that her music video was a slap in the face to law enforcement, not her halftime performance.

Although her halftime performance was based off of the song that is a slap in the face to law enforcement, her halftime performance did not depict material against law enforcement.

I do not agree that the Black Panther Party was or is a hate group that should be glorified.

I believe that the Black Panther Party was not a hate group. I believe that they were formed to empower the black community in more ways than one. They were not established to “hate” police, but to help the black community protect themselves from police brutality.

In response to the Pro-Beyoncé group, I am tired of everyone blowing this out of proportion.

I agree that Beyoncé is taking a stand against what is happening against the black community, however, I think that she should have chosen a different platform to make her stance.

The release of her video and the content within it was a big enough platform that would have sparked the political debate in a more appropriate manner.

I strongly believe that Beyoncé has a right to make a stance on the matter, but I believe that the Superbowl was not the right place to make her stance on such an important issue since it is supposed to be for entertainment.

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