Opinion: Cruz vs. Trump and the Advertisement Attack

Around this time of any presidential campaign, attack advertisements between candidates begin to rear their ugly heads. Donald Trump has threatened to sue Canadian-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz over his possible ineligibility of being president. This comes after Cruz’s attack advertisements against the entrepreneur.

As an ultimatum to Cruz, Trump has recently said that he will carry out suing him if Cruz does not “take down his false ads and retract his lies.” The advertisements Trump is referring to come after the death of Antonin Scalia and detail the big decisions that the Supreme Court will have to make in the upcoming months.

The possible funding of Planned Parenthood is on the agenda, and Cruz took advantage of this opportunity. Cruz uses his “Supreme Trust” advertisment to cause voters to question just how conservative Trump really is. The video shows clips of a 1999 “Meet the Press” interview, in which Trump stated that he was “very pro-choice.”

Since that interview, Trump has stated that he is a pro-life candidate. Did Trump recently change his views to give himself an edge in the upcoming election? The answer is no. He identified himself as pro-life to conservative commentator Laura Ingraham back in 2011 right before a Conservative Political Action Conference.

In an interview in April of 2011, Trump explained that his choice to become pro-life was influenced by a personal experience that he had with one of his friends. He said that his friend’s wife had become pregnant, and she did not want the baby.

“He was crying as he was telling me the story. He ends up having the baby, and the baby is the apple of his eye. [The child] is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him,” Trump said.

Despite this information, Cruz says that we “cannot trust Trump with these serious decisions.”

However, the length of time that has passed since Trump has changed his views on abortion shows that he would be a good fit to make these decisions, from a conservative standpoint. His pro-life stance comes from an actual life experience, and is not just an appeal to conservative voters.

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