Disney Expands to Include Star Wars Universe

It seems that Disney is ready for Star Wars fans, as the massive company has been raising the heart rates of fans without offering a moment to rest. After the huge release and immediate success of the seventh film in the franchise, shattering many records in its opening weekend, Disney kept the news coming for the fans.

Concept art shown at Disneyland’s 60th anniversary event has shown that the place where “dreams come true” is receiving a massive expansion, showing that that both theme parks, Florida’s Disney World and Disneyland in California, will both be receiving Star Wars themed lands.

The expansion is going to take up 14 acres, and will offer fans not only a physical record of the film franchise that they love so much, but will also expand the universe in completely new ways. As those who frequent the parks know, this is what makes the Disney brand unique. The Disney experience is built through their storytelling nature.

The expansion will serve to further a commentary built into the spirit of the theme park as a whole. Many have tied the success of the parks to this fact, and state that this is the main way Disney helps turns a visitor’s trip into a film-like experience. Star Wars fans are highly anticipating this kind of treatment to this universe in which they have built a deep and intrinsic relationship with.

Though they have come to interact with the movies in a realistic way, this new theme park will offer an opportunity to experience the world in a different and exciting light. This event has also increased the vast amount of focus that Disney currently has on the franchise that they purchased from George Lucas, and has added to the long list of Star Wars features that will be appearing within the next decade.

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