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Hello Jolene! I am having problems communicating with my friend, I feel as though I keep letting her down, but we have different views on what fun is. How do I show her that I care about our friendship without doing things I am not comfortable with?

Hello! Well first of all, if they are your friend they will not put you in situations that will make you feel uncomfortable. Now think about what they like to do for fun, and realize that sometimes we can all be a little selfish. Does your friend ever try to do things that you think are fun in order to make you happy? If yes, then maybe take a look into what she thinks is fun and think about trying it out sometimes. If the answer is no, then talk to her about how you feel and why you don’t really like doing any of the things she likes. I am sure your friendship will work out if you both care about each other.

Best of luck!

Hi Jolene! I am secretly really crushing on my best friend’s boyfriend. He knows that I am crushing on him and purposely flirts with me or finds excuses to talk to me without my best friend knowing. I want to stop it but I also like him. What do I do?

This is dangerous territory. First of all, there are so many things wrong with this. You cannot be crushing on your best friend’s boyfriend! That is one of the most sacred rules of being best friends, and one that no one should break.

You need to stop doing whatever you are doing with your best friend’s boyfriend. After all, your best friend should come before that boy. Secondly, if this boy is willing to act this way while dating your best friend, what makes you think he will not act this way toward you? Trust me when I say that this is not worth it. Move on, there are so many more fish in the sea. Do not hurt your best friend, and do not ruin the beautiful friendship between you two.

Best of luck!

Hello Jolene! I recently stopped being friends with my best friend for reasons that I am unaware of. She stopped talking to me and has been so awful to me, what do I do?

Hello! I am so sorry to hear that, that is the worst. I think you should leave your friend alone, let her learn from her mistakes on her own. Ignore her, do not bother her with questions as to why she is not talking to you, or be mean to her. Sometimes that is what you have to do in order to be the bigger person. It is not easy to go through, and I am sure there is much you would love to tell her.

Sometimes it is best to leave it alone, as she is making the decision to stop being friends, not you. Focus on yourself and building yourself up. Walk away from any kind of negativity and I am sure you will be much happier.

I truly wish for you the best of luck!

Well ladies and gents, these are all the questions I have for this week. I hope you enjoy what I have to write, and keep asking questions! Remember, I am here for you.

Now to leave you, a little thought to keep in mind:

Never ever settle for less than you deserve.

Your favorite girl,


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