Republican Three-For-All

According to both the New York Times and the USA Today, there were no surprises after Super Tuesday results were tallied. Donald Trump, the New York billionaire, is leading the Republican Party due to decisive victories in Massachusetts and throughout the southeastern states that participated in the Super Tuesday elections.

Cooper Allen and Paul Singer of USA Today claim that the path to stop Donald Trump is now narrowed because Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are splitting most of the second place votes. The New York Times set up a graph of how much easier the road to getting elected is for Donald Trump over his rivals after Tuesday’s results. It seems, as long as Rubio and Cruz continue their campaigns, that Trump will be able to take the crown even if he wins by the smallest of margins. One scenario shows that on March 15, a candidate can collect a combined 165 delegates from claiming the winner-take-all states of Florida and Ohio.

According to The Upshot of the New York Times, Marco Rubio might have a better chance of dethroning Donald Trump, but only if Ted Cruz and John Kasich make what they call “quick exits” before the March 15 deadline. Ted Cruz is the only other person at this point that could possibly rise above Donald Trump, but this will only happen if Marco Rubio bows out of the election. The Times report states that Marco Rubio is on the rise in the polls, but does not have enough time to catch the current frontrunner.

Where does this leave the Republican Party, who has been able to elect a nominee on the first ballot dating back to the 1948 National Convention? The answer lies with the voters, but can be drastically affected by the choices made by those running for the chance to be the next President of the United States.

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