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Some consider success out of a small town to be something only found in fiction. Landall Goolsby is a prime example of this success, and he hails from Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Goolsby, an alumni of ENMU, is a professional actor in Los Angeles, California. While not necessarily acting consistently, he has worked various jobs in the film industry over the past 17 years. He has acted and casted, as well as worked as a freelancer, assisting for other actors.

The film industry is difficult to break in to. Goolsby had scattered acting job opportunities open up after over a year of working with a commercial actor trainer. He stresses that this is not the way that everyone will best be able to break in to the industry.

"That was my path," said Goolsby. "Everyone has a different path."

All aspiring film industry actors will experience rejection at many points in the early stages of their career, and Goolsby was no exception. A specific instance that comes to Goolsby's mind is the cutting of a role he was cast for in Johnny Depp's The Lone Ranger.

Subsequent to this, an opportunity to attend a comedy school was opened up to Goolsby. To attend would be a leap of faith, and he decided to believe in his capabilities and take that leap of faith.

"I just thought, I'm going to start believing in myself," Goolsby said. "Lo and behold, that was when I began to get results."

Goolsby attributes much of his success to determination, self-confidence, kindness, a willingness to learn from mistakes, and collaboration with other like-minded individuals.

For Goolsby to make the transition from Portales to Los Angeles he needed some help along the way. Friends from college helped Goolsby get to Los Angeles.

"Kindness goes a long way. You never know who you will come across, and kindness can mean so much," said Goolsby.

Concerning mistakes, Goolsby stressed the importance of learning.

"Do not be afraid of messing up," said Goolsby. "Sometimes the joy in life is not being perfect, it is the feeling of flying by the seat of your pants."

Goolsby adds that his story of success is applicable to even individuals who are not headed to Hollywood. The same characteristics of self-belief and kindness, two traits he believes to be integral to being successful in a desired field, are worth more than one realizes.

"I wish everybody could understand what it means to believe in themselves," said Goolsby. "That’s what sparked my 'life-shift.'"

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