The Fulfillment of a Dream

The Harlem Globetrotters have been an American sensation for nearly 80 years. They are some of the world’s most creative basketball payers. They have been featured on CBS, ESPN, and several other television stations. To many, the Globetrotters are one of the world’s greatest entertainers.

When my father was a kid, his father took him. My father was in awe of the moves the Globetrotters preformed their skills. He saw greats such as Meadowlark Lemon light up the court with trick shots, alley-oops, and all kinds of crazy basketball tricks. When he went home, he and a friend came with the idea of creating “The Texas Superstars.” The hope for this team was to one day play ball like the Globetrotters. This idea came to a crashing halt when my father and his friend played some neighborhood kids and discovered neither one of them knew how to shoot a basketball.

Growing up, my father was a big fan of any athletic events. As a child, I was able to see plenty of sporting events live. I witnessed several college football games, a few college basketball games, two NFL games, and even an NBA exhibition game. These were all wonderful experiences, however my father would often express his regret that his children had never seen the Harlem Globetrotters.

The Globetrotters made quite a big impact on my dad’s life. He wanted to share that experience with us. The only problem with this plan was the cost of the tickets. The dream was still there, but the price tag was far too steep.

As the years went on, I accepted the thought that I would never be able to see the Globetrotters with my father. I would occasionally see a Globetrotter game or catch a highlight on ESPN, and it would always make me think of my dad.

On January 30, a flyer for the Globetrotters game in Portales caught my eye. I immediately sent a message to my dad asking him if he was free. I knew this was our chance to make a dream become a reality.

When we arrived at Greyhound Arena, there was a line of people that stretched out the door. It appeared the entire Roosevelt County was there to witness the famous boys from Harlem.

The Globetrotters were incredible. The pregame entertainment alone was easily worth the price of admission. Fans watched as the Globetrotters mascot, Globie, and his crew danced, played with kids, and hyped up the crowd.

Then came the moment my father and I had been waiting nearly 23 years for. As the Harlem Globetrotters ran out onto the court, one of my lifetime dreams was fulfilled by simply seeing the team my dad told me so much about while growing up.

Wearing throwback uniforms, the Globetrotters began a game that felt eerily similar to a professional wrestling match. The opposing team had an obnoxious coach who threatened the crowed, yelled at children, and acted as an all-around unpleasant person. The Globetrotters were down early but with amazing ball skills and creative playing methods, manage to storm back to take a large lead.

The Globetrotters had the crowd energized as they performed stunts, which consisted of playing basketball with a beach ball, playing practical jokes on the referees, and even standing on the rim. The player known as Firefly was wearing a microphone while providing his own commentary throughout the game.

The game appeared to start going sour when the opposing coach brought out his “rule book.” Fans booed as the coach began reading off rules that ejected the Globetrotters one by one. In the fourth quarter, the coach was exposed for a fraud. The Globetrotters, though down, fought their way back for a miraculous ending. They won the game and won over the hearts of Portales.

I exited that arena with a sense of satisfaction. I was able to finally witness a Globetrotters game with my old man. I will forever be grateful for the chance to see the legendary stars in person.

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