Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers

Every spring break is unique to each individual person that attends college. There is such a wide range of diversity among ENMU students that the possibilities of what to do during Spring Break are endless.

The fact that Eastern is so diverse is only part of the beauty of attending college in a small town. Here at Eastern New Mexico University, there are students who are at different points in life, from freshmen straight out of high school to single mothers who are going to college for the first time. ENMU not only offers students diverse classroom learning experiences, but also social experiences. Students spend their spring breaks very differently here at ENMU.

Rachael Black is a 27-year-old married woman who has her nursing degree. Her and her husband live in Melrose, NM. Her husband works on a farm herding cattle, and she drives over 60 miles a day to and from school. She hated the medical field, and made the decision to go back to school before her and her husband had children.

When asked her what she had planned for her spring break, she stated that she is “going to sit at home, not drive any where, and be lazy with my husband and family." If she goes anywhere, it will be to eat out, or to the grocery store.

Haley West is a 21-year-old nursing graduate student. This spring break, Haley said her plans were unknown. Her boyfriend of three years now has a “special trip” planned for her and is going to take the two of them on a special trip to one of her favorite places.

Each of these “spring breakers” has a unique plan for their week. Each are at different points in their lives, yet they are all Greyhounds. The things that make us different and unique is the beauty of what makes Eastern a special place.

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