Marissa Livingston: Be Your Beautiful Self

Eastern New Mexico University's Multicultural Affairs kicked off Women's History Month in style. Marissa Livingston, the current Miss New Mexico, presented in the Sandia Room on March 1 to begin the celebration.

“She is not only a beautiful young woman but also brave,” said Maria Garcia, the Director of International Affairs.

Livingston was born and raised in Albuquerque and graduated from the University of New Mexico as a communication student. She was crowned Miss New Mexico in June 2015.

Andrew Case, an ENMU student who worked with the pageant last summer in Portales, said the pageant brought a great atmosphere to Eastern.

“She was gracious to all of us working at the event,” said Case.

During her presentation, she shared her experiences as Miss New Mexico and as an intern in White House, as well as many beneficial professional tips.

“When Marissa sets a goal, she will work countless hours [towards that goal]. She will go above and beyond what is required to work toward that goal, and is completely prepared for the task at hand,” said Greg Smith, the executive director of Miss New Mexico Scholarship Organization.

“Marissa is comfortable in her own skin, confident and genuine. She is a self-starter and driven to be the best she can be. She is determined to make a difference in the lives of others,” said Smith.

As local royalty, she knows now that she can never say: “I can not do it.” Livingston said she never expected she would win the title, but now that she has, she reminds herself all the time that she will not give up because she is Miss New Mexico.

“When I go to get gas, people recognize me and tell me that I am the first Miss New Mexico they have ever seen [in public],” said Livingston. “I think I need to behave well because I represent all of New Mexico, not only myself.”

“The reason why we prepared this presentation for Women’s History Month is because Marissa is the one who can inspire young ladies,” said Garcia. “She is a new graduate, and we can all learn a lot from her experiences.”

“I thought her presentation was really inspiring," said Doreen Chavez, ENMU 2015 Homecoming Queen. “She motivated us all to be our best selves. I love her upbeat personality and her positive outlook on the struggles of life.”

“As ENMU royalty, her presentation was an inspiration to always strive to do my best and reach out to others and make them feel appreciated,” Chavez added.

Livingston used to be an intern in the White House and said she never thought she would be one of the lucky few. “The first secret is just to apply for it,” said Livingston.

She also provided some tips for students to follow:

1. Do not be afraid to ask for something.

2. Remember the names of people.

3. Write a thank you card after the interview.

4. Prepare for internships and apply.

5. List ten things you want to do in a year.

6. Find ways to de-stress.

7. Take care of yourself.

Livingston is no doubt an excellent role model for all young women to pursue their dreams and goals. She reminded attendees that real beauty is much more than just appearance.

“Marissa is the face and voice of the Miss New Mexico Scholarship Organization. She is an outstanding role model and represents women throughout the state,” said Smith.

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