Organization Spotlight

This week’s campus organization spotlight goes to the ENMU Criminal Justice League. Our reporters sat down Alyssa Kramer and Alicia Lucero to find out a little more about the organization and what it is that makes it unique to our school.

What is The Criminal Justice League and is it only for Criminal Justice majors?

The Criminal Justice League (CJL) was established to raise awareness about the political process, social justice, and responsible citizenship. This club helps to further careers and personal opportunities, networking, and debating public issues.

The CJL accepts students from any major and career interest. As a student organization, we function to help students apply aspects of the Criminal Justice System to their lives, whether it be personal or professional related. Several of our members are majoring in various areas other than Criminal Justice, including Biology, Psychology, and Business.

What are some of your past events and activities that your organization has been involved on campus and around the community?

Some of the past events and activities that the CJL has been involved in include bake sales, rummage sales, and other fundraising events to raise money to donate or support the club’s purpose. We have had several guest speakers from various Criminal Justice careers, such as a Probation and Parole officers and Directors from the nearby detention centers. These people come talk to us about their experiences and possible occupation prospects for interested students. We have partaken in the the local Ocktober Fest and several events held by other organizations on campus. We have also taken tours of the Curry and Roosevelt Adult Detention Centers.

What are some of your events and plans for this semester and the upcoming semesters?

Some of the events we are planning to be involved in this semester include Eastern in Action and the Sidewalk Chalk Festival. We are also in the process of establishing more volunteer opportunities for our members. Next semester, we plan to make a trip that will expand the group’s understanding of the Criminal Justice System. We are always open to members sharing what experiences and opportunities they would like to experience through their membership in the CJL.

This semester, the CJL is focused on growing member numbers so that we can provide resources for students, majoring in Criminal Justice or not, to make connections to the community, in order to establish professional opportunities after graduation and beyond. We have had several guest speakers, such as Lieutenant Shawn Gore from the ENMU Police Department, Administrator Mark Gallegos from Curry County Adult Detention Center, and Administrator Joseph Alaniz from Roosevelt County Adult Detention Center. We are open to student interested in related topics to the organization and will make efforts to find resources that would benefit students in the future and beyond.

What are the benefits that one might enjoy for being involved in the Criminal Justice League?

Benefits that one might gain from being involved in the CJL include a growing knowledge of social and political issues that face the Criminal Justice System, increased networking with established professionals in the community, and opportunities to give back to the community and university through various volunteering events.

Are there any fun facts or pieces of information that you think would be interesting to include in the article?

  • We are hoping to start a program through the detention centers to help the inmates in some way.

  • We are always open to new ideas or events that are relatable to the organizations purpose.

  • We endeavor to support our members in their future careers by providing them opportunities to meet professionals within their chosen field.

  • We bring snacks to every meeting.

How do students get involved? When does the organization meet and where?

To be an active member within the club, all members must attend at least 75% of all meetings and activities held by the club (i.e. 5 out of 7 meetings). The CJL meets at 7:00 PM bi-weekly on Thursdays in JWLA room #134.

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