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Lawrence Domingo has been a student athlete on the basketball team for Eastern New Mexico University for four years. Our reporter Zech Lucero sat down with Domingo in order to discuss his career as an ENMU athlete.

Q: What was it like playing for ENMU?

A: “We have had our ups and downs, but overall I loved playing here in Portales and in front of our community. I played for great coaches that cared about all of the players, and taught us a lot of life lessons that we need in the real world.”

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: “As of right now I plan on pursuing my aspirations of playing basketball overseas. I would like to play in the Philippines. I think it would be nice to bring my grandparents back to their birthplace after so long.”

Q: How strict did you have to be with your grades during the season?

A: “For me maintaining school and basketball was tough, but regardless of anything, work has to be done.”

Q: Are you going to miss the relationship with your teammates?

A: “I’ll always miss being around my teammates. I spent each and every day of the season with them. It’s like being in a group of brothers. The arguments, the laughs, good and bad times, is like a family, and the kind you get on a basketball team is like no other. I’ve built some of my strongest friends with my teammates.”

Lawrence Domingo was awarded LSC all-conference team honorable mention this season, and has also earned the 2015-2016 Eastern New Mexico Men's Basketball MVP for his play this year, as reported by David Norton.

After his final home game his mother Kat Domingo penned these words, "This, by far, was the most touching moment. When [Lawrence] walked off the court, the crowd recognized [this game] as being his last home game, and a whole section of his peers and family was chanting his name.”

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