Making a Counselor: Dawg Days

Every fall, ENMU hosts a three day event called Dawg Dayz. This event is meant to to involve incoming students involved and show them everything ENMU has to offer. It includes campus tours, games, prizes, and entertainment.

Senior RayMike Montoya was a Dawg Dayz counselor for two years. As soon as he heard about the opportunity, Montoya was sure that he wanted to be a part of this event. During his two years as a counselor, Montoya watched new students grow, and he developed great friendships with his fellow counselors.

The counselors participate in a three-day training session before the event begins. Counselors must be extremely knowledgeable of the campus and have to be prepared to answer any questions students and their parents may have.

“It is a lot, but when you are hanging out with 40 something counselors for six days straight, and you are all exhausted, you get really close to people,” said Montoya.

Dawg Dayz counselors guide students through this brand new phase of their lives. When students arrive on campus, counselors help the students move into their dorms and the parents do not have to lift a finger if they do not want to.

“We want parents to see that there is a community here for their kids, and that they will always have friends in us,” said Montoya. “Parents and students go through a real emotional process because this is where they realize [that] they are on their own now.”

Montoya loved his time as a counselor. He is always trying to meet new people and ensure new students that they will always have a friend in him and his fellow counselors.

“We all try to keep up with the students we meet during Dawg Dayz. We don’t just spend those three days with them and then forget about them. We talk to them when we see them around and check in,” said Montoya.

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