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Hello Everyone!

I am excited for another week of Ask Jolene! Thank you all for your questions! Now let’s get started with this week’s questions.

Hello Jolene! I am having a really hard time at work. I feel really underappreciated and I think it is time to move on, but I enjoy my job and the people I work with. What should I do?

Hello! I am sorry to hear that you feel that way. How long have you been feeling this way? Is it a recent thing or has it always been this way? If it is a recent feeling, maybe you are going through a rough patch at work and things will get better. However, if this is a feeling you have had for a long while, then I recommend you be in the lookout for a new job. Do not quit your current one if you enjoy it and the people quite yet. First, make sure you have secured a job before leaving this one. Don’t make abrupt decisions, but definitely move on if you get the opportunity. Nobody should ever feel unappreciated.

Best of luck to you!

Dear Jolene, I have been starting to notice an attraction to a friend of mine and I think that we could have fun together, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship, I have not vocalized my feelings to the friend yet but I can’t stop feeling this way. Any advice?

Hello, how long have you been friends with this person? Getting feelings for a good friend is definitely the worst! From personal experience, I would not recommend you making a move to step the relationship forward unless you know for sure that this friend feels the same way. It is very risky to make a good friendship turn into a relationship. However, who knows, maybe this person feels the same as you. Have you paid attention at how they treat you? Does this person’s mood changes greatly when you are around? Try and figure out how he or she feels about you. Sometimes the relationships that are established with a good friendship first are the strongest.

I hope this helped you! I wish you the best!

Hi Jolene! I am currently having problems with my mom. She says that ever since I came to college I do not act the same way. How do I make this situation better?

Well first of all, have you changed? You must first recognize whether or not you have changed. If you have, let her know. Tell her that you are growing and learning new things, as well as experiencing new things. Assure her that just because you are growing up and learning more about yourself as well as developing your own thoughts, your heart remains the same. I think your mom wants to know that even though you are changing, a part of you will always remain the same. Don’t fret, just reassure her. I think that is all she really wants.

Best of luck to you!

Well ladies and gents, I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and please continue to ask questions. Remember, I am here for you. Now to leave you, a little thought to keep in mind: Never ever settle for less than you deserve.

Your favorite girl,


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