Eastern In Action

On Saturday, April 2, volunteers from ENMU visited several locations around the Portales community to pick up trash for Eastern in Action. Almost 300 people attended to show their gratitude to the community.

Katie Padilla, a student at ENMU and member of ASENMU, organized the event this year. She was selected to be the director of this event by members of the ASENMU board. The event was advertised around Portales and on campus.

“We just wanted everyone to feel like they could help,” said Padilla

The event allowed students to learn more about the town and interact with residents of Portales. Many of them were able to experience parts of the town they never had before.

The event included appearances and speeches by Mayor Sharon L. King and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Jamie Laurenz. The volunteers were divided into 25 teams. The teams included members from different organizations around campus, as well as staff from ENMU. The groups were able to cover 24 job sites from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m..

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