Start of the MLB Season

With the start of the Major League Baseball season starting already, our reporter Zech Lucero asked a few people who their teams were and what teams look to have a good start to their season.

“My favorite team has been the Boston Red Sox for a long time. I believe the team that looks really good and looks to have a great start to their season are the Washington Nationals. I think they can have a really good season, strictly because of Bryce Harper and the other major talent on the team.” –John Myers, Sophomore, Criminal Justice major.

“I’m really hoping the Yankees have an incredible turnout this season considering that [they are] my team. I’m pretty sure they will, but the Rangers look to have the potential to make it to the playoffs as well.” –Tanner Wilson, Senior Communications major.

“[The] Texas Rangers have always been my team, but it seems as if the Yankees will have a great start, they always do.” –Adrian Gomez, Sophomore Business major.

Rangers, Yankees, Nationals, Royals, and Giants all look to be teams to have a good start to their season. Although the season just started a week ago, it all shows in how the team carries themselves, and if they finish strong the same way they start strong.

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