ENMU Alum Performs in Brickstreet Players

The Brickstreet Players hosted a showcase of talent on Saturday, April 10 in Clovis, NM entitled “Bit of Hollywood” and featured ENMU Alumni. The Brickstreet Players consist of many different volunteer actors and actresses that perform monologues and musical numbers. This non-profit group puts on different plays throughout the year, and all the money generated at one show contributes to the next.

“Bit of Hollywood” was a showcase that consisted of musical numbers and monologues from popular Hollywood productions. There were numbers from Rent, Frozen, Beaches, Funny Girl, and several others. Each performance was volunteer-based and provided a wide variety of talents. Stand out acts included Jennette Stafford Lovett performing Summertime from Disney’s Frozen, Leslie Aube Nagy performed “I’m Tired” from Blazing Saddles, and 12-year-old Emma Lazzara performed an outstanding rendition of “Rain on my Parade” from Funny Girl. The main highlight of the show and last act of the night was Eastern New Mexico University alumna Jazz Juarez, who performed “When You’re Good to Mama” from Chicago.

Juarez graduated from ENMU in the fall of 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in University Studies. While at Eastern, she performed in many plays on campus and was very active within the theater department. Juarez began performing in theater when she attended an audition for a production of Rent in 2010 as an audience member, and was coaxed to audition for the chorus by a friend. After she auditioned, she recieved a call back for one of the main characters and has been acting ever since.

“My favorite part about being on stage is the moment after you’ve competed the performance and before the applause. It is almost an out of body experience because during a performance you leave everything out for all to see and that moment of silence just completes the package,” said Juarez.

She plans on becoming more involved in the local theater movement and wishes to perform more in the future. She has missed the theater and forgot how exhilarating performing was.

Juarez became involved with the Brickstreet Players when she met Leslie Nagy at the Portales Chamber of Commerce banquet. Nagy was a cast member with Juarez during the Rent production and she told Juarez about the Brickstreet Players.

“It’s a lot of different people with different styles, and you get to know them and see how their song fits their personality,” said Juarez about the Brickstreet Players.

Although Juarez is not set on having a career in the arts, she offers some advice that can be helpful to anyone wanting to pursue a career within the field. She mentions that those who wish to be in this field must be fully committed to their craft and that perfecting it is key to having a successful life. Networking is a must, and without talking to and knowing people, it might not be possible for anyone to get anywhere in this field.

“It’s a combination of what you can do combined with how you present yourself and who you know,” said Juarez.

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