Bryan Yancey Ceramic Workshop

Photo by Tatyana Scott

The ENMU Art Department received a treat on Friday, April 8 when the accomplished ceramicists Bryan Yancey came to teach an all-day workshop. The workshop took place in the ceramics workshop in the Art Annex building, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bryan Yancey teaches at New Mexico State University in Alamogordo. He has work displayed in the Fred Marer Collection in Los Angeles, California and the Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney, Nebraska. He has been published in Clay Times, Ceramics Monthly, and the Los Angeles Times.

Yancey used almost 300 pounds of clay to demo slab building, throwing and drawing/carving. The workshop also included a slideshow presentation and a “do-it-yourself” kiln building demonstration.

“I think the best part of the workshop was building a cast-able kiln. Yancey gave us the instructions but the kiln really was built by the students. This is a great thing for young artists to know, as buying a production kiln is often out of budget for people just leaving school. Casting a kiln from concrete is well within budget for emerging ceramicists. I was really excited that he showed us how to do that,” said student Tatyana Scott.

The workshop was available to anyone that was interested. Some of the attendants were even able to assist Yancey with glazing. As he worked, students asked questions and Yancey shared stories about his experience in the art industry.

“Yancey has worked with many big name ceramic artists like Paul Soldner and Peter Voulkos, so he had some really interesting things to say about working with contemporary ceramicists and big names in the art world,” said Scott.

The event was considered a success, and the students are hoping it can continue annually. The students have already begun to put their new-found knowledge into action. Student Dustin Brady felt confident enough to try a new technique Yancey had taught at his workshop.

“After the workshop I was inspired to try to throw a larger piece,” said Brady.

Receiving one-on-one time with someone as well connected and talented as Yancey was an experience the students were very grateful for.

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