Draggin' Main in Clovis

Plans for Clovis’ third annual Draggin’ Main are under way with brand new festivities scheduled for the upcoming event.

According to co-founder and organizer Gene Porter, the event is a celebration of the nation’s and Clovis’ infatuation with “cruising the boulevard.”

“As far back as the forties and the fifties, people have been “dragging” Main Street. The event has been kind of a nostalgic resurrection of that,” said Porter.

Draggin’ Main came to be after Porter and co-founder Bryan Boone saw the need for an event that would bring together car lovers from the local area.

“Because Clovis and Portales [are] such car [oriented] communities, we wanted to have a place for car guys to gather since there really wasn’t anything,” Porter said. “That is what fueled us because we’re car guys.”

According to Porter, the first Draggin’ Main far exceeded his expectations. The projected turnout was somewhere around seventy-five car, s but three thousand people ended up showing up for the event in downtown Clovis.

“We had no idea that it was going to be like that, and we knew that we were on to something. So, the second year we made it even bigger with a car show, vendor show, burn out contest, and the evening cruise,” said Porter.

The event has grown immensely in only three years. It went from a one-night event during the first year to an all-day event in the second year. Draggin’ Main will not be a week-long event and will be bringing back activities from the last two years and adding new ones.

“It’s going to kick off on Monday with the Street Rodder Magazine Vintage Air Road Tour with sixty to seventy-five major hot rods. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday there will be a tour of classic Clovis drive-in restaurants like Twin Cronnie, Foxy Drive-In, and Taco Box,” said Porter.

For weekend festivities, the Draggin’ Main will host Clovis’ first drive-in movie showing in forty years with American Graffiti playing on Friday night. The pinnacle of Draggin’ Main will take place on Saturday with a car show, a vendor show, and an evening cruise to conclude the event.

Draggin’ Main is set to take place Monday, June 20 through Saturday, June 25, 2016.

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