Should It Cost More to Be A Woman?

On the last day of Women’s History Month, Glamour Magazine uploaded a video online, entitled “The Cost of Being a Woman.” This video shows what the price difference is between genders.

In the video, characters Alison and Jason are both account executives in a company, and their expenses are based on the average amount women and men spend on their morning routine products in one year. This video shows the difference of how much more time and money it costs to be a woman compared to being a man.

The characters begin their days by showering, and the video highlights what each spends on spend on bathing, shaving, and other hygiene related materials and the end results are similar. The prices changes dramatically when Alison begins applying her makeup. Alison’s total ending cost was $2,926.03 and Jason’s $1,182.74, with most of the difference being from cosmetics.

Last year, New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs carried out a study in gender pricing. This study showed that women are paying thousands of dollars more over the course of their lives than men to purchase similar products. This figure accounts for women paying eight percent more for adult clothing and 13 percent more for personal care products.

“[The video] was crazy but real,” said student Rochelle McClenton “What I spend is not nearly as much as what is portrayed in the video.”

With this video, Glamour Magazine is conveying real issues in order for viewers to realize the inequality between females and males during their daily routines. Women are advocating for gender equality, but they are also forcing themselves to unconsciously follow set gender roles when it comes to personal care products.

“The video is trying really hard to bait something and it is society holding women down,” said YouTube user El Gringo Magico. He suggested Glamour Magazine tell girls that “being themselves without makeup is acceptable” instead of following social norms to use more cosmetic products. YouTube user Ilker Sisman encouraged females to find out the true beauty lying behind all those layers.

“As a male, [I believe] this video tells the truth accurately,” said student Steven Reese. “It tells the reality that society has told girls that they must work more on their appearance than [men].”

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