Organization Recommendations Provided by the Student Fees Board

May 13, 2016

Below are the recommendations given to all organizations by the Student Fees Board for the monetary allocations  for the 2016-2017 school year.

Art Gallery

  • Keep up the great work with involving the students all over campus.

  • Would like to see the ideas brought up in student fees followed through with.

  • Count number stats of attendees.

  • Buy hand-held clickers instead of counting machine.



  • Add poll for students to vote regarding weekend activities.


Senate Operations

  • Provide directors’ binders to view expenditures, etc.



  • Continue providing student attendance statistics.

  • Provide the [Student Fees] board with marketing plan and anticipated expenditures list.

  • More involved with the student events on campus.

  • Have more themed games [examples]: black-out, pink-out, white-out.

  • Do a better job of appreciating other entities that support them.

  • Market scholarship incentive for mascots better.


Greyhound Sound

  • Be more open to things other than what is mandated by the University; would like for them to be more involved if time is inhibiting.

  • Play more up to date and student friendly music in the stands and the pep band for basketball.

  • Survey the students on what they would like to hear i.e. genres.



  • Cell phone charging stations considering the amount of students.

  • Strategic plan towards the CUB basement once the library is gone


The Chase

  • Work on improving the online version. Stay constantly updated.

  • If you say it is weekly, make it weekly.

  • Have consistent number of articles posted weekly.

  • Better promotion and advertisement of online articles.

  • Improve appearance and layout of online version.



  • Encouraging the smaller ensembles to sing the national anthem at the football/basketball games and/or leading carols at hanging of the greens.

  • More performance opportunities to benefit the students by exposure.

  • Better marketing of classes that are available to everyone; not only majors. Example: university’s choir.

  • Theatre and choir should collaborate on musicals.


Health Services

  • Better job of promoting and marketing services awarded to students via student fees.

  • Stats on how many students they serve.



  • Money utilized in a better fashion.

  • Have a register note to account for expenditures.

  • More appearances on campus and collaboration with other groups on campus.



  • Present monthly inventory and quality check to the board next year.

  • Bring banner print out sheet for intramural account to the board next year.

  • Stick to times listed on posters for sports promoted at that time.

  • Keep referees professional. [It] has gotten slightly better so please keep it up!



  • Great job with all the improvements.

  • Hang all of their promotional posters in the max pack.


Music Department

  • Better job at being more involved in student activities outside of the music department.

  • Focus [Student Fees] justification on specifically the students of ENMU.



  • Marketing of hours to students rather than just having the banner.

  • Flyers in mail boxes with natatorium and MaxPac hours at the beginning of both semesters.



  • Collaborate more and create events so that students know they’re there.

  • Table for the rodeo!

  • Show presence on campus.

  • More side events.


Safe Ride

  • Text alerts to inform students about Safe Ride being on duty. (


Spirit Squad

  • Utilize mascot costume continuously.

  • Collaborate cheer and dance in half time performances.

  • Market scholarship incentive for mascots better.

  • Consider having one team?

  • Consider creating a Pom which incorporates cheer and dance line.



  • Make some sort of survey to give students the ability to choose musicals.

  • Tabling used for advertisement.

  • Collaborate with vocal department for musicals.

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