Freshman Freedom

As Eastern New Mexico University begins a new semester, it brings new students to campus. With many students coming from other parts of New Mexico as well as the surrounding states, there is a new adventure awaiting for them at ENMU. The college experience is what really stirs up the atmosphere on campus and freshmen are coming in with a fresh new start.

Beginning a new life at a university comes with fear, excitement, and most importantly a whole lot of growing up. It’s a time to better yourself and a time to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish your goals.

“I love it because it’s a place that I can be on my own without being too far away from home,” said freshman Kendyl Burke. The college experience brings new emotions as well as responsibilities, and Burke is very excited to take the next step into independency.

Other students like Saysha Urban, Marcos Rodriguez, and Jessica Vermin all agree that being away from home has allowed them grow as a person.

“Being away from my parents has been good for me, because I am able to figure things out on my own,” said Rodriguez.

Leaving home requires a lot of self-discipline. Adulthood is right around the corner for incoming freshmen and freedom is all that matters to them. The college experience comes with new beginnings,

“Coming to ENMU has helped with my social skills, I was an introvert, but not anymore,” said Vermin, who has come to school with a new mindset.

ENMU offers opportunity but more than anything it “offers an affordable education,” said Urban.

For all freshmen out there, remember to enjoy the experience and all the new adventurous moments, but keep in mind of all the growing that takes place. ENMU offers a small community, but an exhilarating opportunity to meet new people, and most importantly it’s a great place to start being independent. Good luck to you all!


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